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11 January 2014 @ 05:55 am
Okay final decision regarding the sharing issue...  
Hello! After more then 3 hours trying to get something from the person in question and talking with friends and members about their opinion I came to a conclusion BA needs a new revolution and I will ask some people around to help me in this matter.
For now ALL DOWNLOAD LINKS *using our server* ARE DOWN no one can download releases till this matter is down (means we will be able to download once we resolve this), as well we will continue to membership closed and other stuff. I still need to discuss this matter better with a person who will help me in the membership and so on but I need to say we will go, maybe, all over the membership think like moi_xryu did in September. But like I said I'm not sure yet about this and I don't know exactly if it will go or not.
Also the forum will be closed down, I don't see a point to have a forum and so on, I know me and megori had a HUGE time dealing with it but the forum will be down, I know those who were there and so on were having fun but I cannot have this go on with a lot of places where releases can be leaked easily.
More news will be posted in tumblr because I don't want to spam the community. I hope this will be understandable to everyone and I'm sorry for those who just joined BA and can't do a think now. I hope you won't hate us but if this don't work I won't give a damn thing about this anymore.
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riotpunkdance: Ninoriotpunkdance on January 11th, 2014 06:28 am (UTC)
I was just about to post this in the previous entry, but I guess here is good as well seeing as you've made a somewhat temporary decision.

This is so frustrating! More so because this is such a frustrating person to deal with (I just saw the tweets and honestly, I'm like how old is this woman? I just can't)! However, you are handling this well and I hope this somehow works out. Even if it doesn't, I fully support your stance and I don't understand why others simply can't understand your rules regarding the issue.

It generally sucks that this has been a constant issue with communities in the past couple months. People seem to be getting a lot more shameless and it's awful.

Anyhow, I'll be following your updates on tumblr, though I don't think anyone would mind if you kept posting them here.

PS - Support in whatever you decide to do!

Thank you for the update. :)

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