BA will follow MxR steps

Okay another announcement all must read. Those who were dead over what I did, and made a bunch of shit about the new membership and I went to all over the pain to get the stuff and so on... now seriously I thought like 3x times and even more and everything and what I decided is....I will go back to origins and I will follow MxR steps and I will kicks those asses who think I don't have more nothing to do aside from listen to some complains and everything.
Will BA be over this? yes this time for sure because as MxR did BA will be now a FREE ALL releases...muuuaaahhhh.
I don't care anymore about the stuff anymore. BA will continue to have watermarks over our releases as well the credits and other stuff we normally do so members know it's BA work and solo ours. I'll ask like always to those who can support the mangaka by buying their work and to never fall back.
Of course the re-share will be a bit out and some stuff will continue (rules) but aside that everyone who wants and loves to read yaoi manga and doujinshis will be able to read it.
I don't care anymore, until we get a letter to stop some title or so I will continue to work for BA and you dear readers.
This announcement may come a shock after a short notice and everything but now seriously I'm dead sick or it, I started BA so I could read a manga I loved and then I shared with everyone so they could have the same fun as me. And like some other scanlation groups I will love as long as all inserts and everything stays in our releases.
I want all the spotlight to come to us and it will come to us as long as you can give us feedback.

In summary this LJ will now be close. No more updates will be posted here but I will leave this place open so no one will forget our history. Since this LJ was created since 2007, good comments were posted here and everything and I'll miss them if I delete this community so as long as I can I'll let this community open.

More information related to this, we will move to, although as some may notice we are having some problems into it so it will take some time to fix it, megori will soon work on it, but when it will be finished? No clue.

And more information will be posted here.
Thanks and I'm really sorry I made all members go under the membership stuff and even make nekojiro work her ass off like this for the past few days.

NOTE: Protected releases will continue protected also IRC will continue to exist for that propose as well our community aqua_donator

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions
► How do I get to your releases? – You can access our releases either through the project pages, the release date, tags, search option, or by type of book. All our projects are closed to members. All the links to access each release is listed to re-direct you to the right place. The passwords are listed below the download link, so if you ask something related to this your questions will not be answered.
NOTE: Each release has a different password, so that means you need to read each single post.
Why did BangAQUA turned to be a close scanlation group? - Due to a lot of past experiences that made BA close. But mostly to share our releases with no credits as well with no permission from our team. So for BA to continue working and not cease the activity we needed to act with our last resource.
I just saw in a release it says “protected”. What does it mean? – Works that the are published by companies that don't want to see the works shared and as well Mangaka's work that asked to not share their releases. Also means only some members will be able to get the release. And if you want to know how you can get it there are 3 ways. You can go to our forum and make 200 posts, donate any amount to us or enter in your IRC channel.
► What is BangAQUA channel?
► I tried to enter but I enter in a channel owned by me, what happened? – BangAQUA IRC channel is used for post the last 3 releases, be it normal or “protected” releases. Only members who were able to find the password can enter the channel and have access to it! Note, the “protected” release in IRC will be able to download only for a limit time of 30 days or so, though it can be more or less days. So be sure once it’s out you go there to get it. Though it won’t be available at the same time as we release in forum or community.
► Where can I find the password to enter in IRC channel? – On LJ community profile. It’s a join of 4 words; each word can have as well numbers. Hint for the words search: they can be misspelled or the way it is written is different from the originally way. Note: there are some misspelled words to difficult your work even more.
► Ok I can’t find it please give me a hint/help? – Sorry no help! Also don’t e-mail me thinking I will give a hint. All you can do is e-mail me requesting to tell you if you are in the right path. Like adding the words you think they are. Aside that no e-mails. I won’t read them or even answer them.
► HELP! I don’t understand a thing of IRC. How do I do it? – OK if you want to know how to enter and register your nick please and so on please use google for tutorials.
► Can I share BangAQUA releases? – Information here
► Its ok for re-Translate BA releases? – Information here
► Why are the releases slow? – Well we are people and we like to procrastinate a lot so we do take our time. Also there are moments we run low in staff and so releases are slow. So I hope you can understand and wait for it to come as soon as possible even if a year as passed.
► Can I suggest a manga/doujinshi title? – Yes of course you can, but if we can work on it that is another question. We can try finding translator or so for it but it doesn’t mean we will really work on it since we already have a bunch of series&fandoms to work. But be my guest =D.
► Why BangAQUA works in more and more new titles and don’t finish what it’s already in list? – We work because we like to have new work even though we don’t finish the others yes I know. Though since we get translators for those new works we hope they can make it to the end… but then some give up and I try my best to other members work on it, but since its fans for fans I can’t really obligate them, right? So please I hope all members can understand and don’t be to mad. I could drop it, but I don’t like to give up on titles I think they won’t be worded in the end.
► Why working in a title that is being made? – Ok I do know some members/readers always ask why we work in manga that is already being scanlated and sometimes it’s almost complete. Well I’m a perfectionist and like I said I hate to give up on something I like. Also BA likes to work with High Quality scans and we buy the manga, all that to give our readers a good time with good quality. I want all the hard work to be compensated with quality and not just a fast scanlation (though we don’t want to badmouth the other teams.
► I would like to join the staff but I’m not sure if I’m skilled? – That’s ok don’t worry about it you can contact us and then we will let you know if you can or not work for us =D. And you can talk with directly to HokaHoka xP. Just contact us using one of these e-mail addresses: or
► Can we do a joint with BangAQUA? – We will be more than happy to have another scanlation group working with us, since we like to know new people and staff members (giggle). All we ask if for you to contact us with the project you have in mind and then we can discuss about who will make what.
► I would like to contribute to BangAQUA some graphic(s), can I? – Of course you can, actually I will like to see new graphics since I think HokaHoka ones are so outdated (oops…).
► My question isn’t stated here what do I do? – Just comment here or send an e-mail to
Thanks to all I hope you got a good time reading it xDDDD.

About Us & Community Rules

About BA
BangAQUA is a well-known scanlation group that both works with doujinshi and manga. The group was started by xhokahokax on 2007, June 17th and it was all because the owner wanted to read more from a manga she loved a lot but was sadly discontinued. Because that manga wasn't enough, she took a liking at what she previously did and had decided to do more and share them with those who share the same sentiments as her.
Even though we are currently going through some difficult times, we are trying to make the best out of it to bring you releases which we think are worth our time and despite working without the consent of the original artists and vice versa, we would like our members to follow our small but important rules so that everyone can benefit from our work and space.
Like all scanlation groups, we scanlate even with our busy real life schedules and for the sole purpose of sharing the love of BL to our fellow fujoshis and fudanshis who cannot afford to buy the actual books or cannot understand the language; we work on other genres like shounen or shoujo too but not as much as our BL amount. If you paid to download one of our releases on some blog, it is not our responsibility, since we are a free scanlation group. Also we do not get paid from doing this; this is a hobby which we all enjoy in doing. We do appreciate the generous contributions our supporters give us to present everyone with more stuff to read, though, so thank you very much!

For more inquiries about us and our projects, please check our FAQ. Feel free to ask us anything if the question is not listed from there.

Community and Group Rules
I want members to know that we have 3 types of releases.
✾ 1st our releases are all members blocked so that means only livejournal members has access to it. If you want to be a member please proceed to here.
✾ 2nd some releases you will see protected are because they are from artists/publishers who doesn't want to share the work freely as our other releases. So only some people as access to it. At the moment there are only 2 ways to get the protected releases. One is for you to donate to our scanlation group and be a serious member. The other possible way is to get the hidden password in our profile for our IRC channel.
✾ 3rd type is total free releases that will be able in our online reader although we will continue to provide a download link for those who wants to read it of course and like all others with a password as well.

Now more information I would like members to abide:
❀ The free eleases are free to be shared outside community as long as you ask permission to share. You can upload in your own server/host although you CANNOT by any means remove our credits or anything into the release folder (our inserts intact always); also you must link to this blog. If you want to share any other release please allow me to know first what are the titles in question and I will evaluate if you can or not.
❀ Doujinshi scanlations are not allowed to be re-shared outside the community. Only the admin can share them outside, and like I said if you want to share you must request first.
Do not upload any of our manga to any place that means manga reader sites, your host/site server, youtube and so on.
❀ If you want to make icons or use any of our scans to color please ask the scanner who made the work, so you must check the credits page. If you can't contact the person in question allow us to know so we can provide you a way to chat with.
Do not be rule, aggressive or mess with our moderators, staff members and BA if you want to get on get in our blacklist. So far we never had problem with solo members who try to be a member, but the re-share situation is getting into my skin so let's make this fair and square?
❀ Simple rules don't you think? All I want is BangAQUA to have the spotlight and all the profit from our hard work, I know it's selfish and members may think it's hard to get in our community but I think with this changes future members will have a bit more of slack, although I want a tight security too.

Retranslation Rules
Any scanlation groups are free to use our English translation. If you would like to re-translate any our projects, all you need to let us know is that you will be working on it, please read the following before asking us anything:

➥ Always add our original credits page so people can find us and will know who made it.
➥ We will not provide you the .psds, so don't bother requesting that from us.
➥ Do not ask permission for projects we have not released yet in public.
➥ If you would like to use our own scans (RAW), send us an email about it.
➥ For the joint projects, you are allowed as long as the other groups say their okay.

For Manga
We only permit one language group per title. If a title you also wanted to work on has already been taken, try to make a joint with the groups who are doing it. For the list of groups doing what title, please check here.
➥  You are not allowed to edit nor alter our scanlations and make them as your own. Meaning, use your own scans --- find raws in the internet, buy the actual book or ask us if you want to use ours. We have a watermark in all our own releases if we find you using it I'll be sure to post what you have done and ban you from take our releases.
➥ Send us an email at with the following information attached:

....................Scanlation group name:
....................Link to your group:
....................Project(s) you want to re-translate:
...................To what language:

For Doujinshi
➥ You are free to work on any of our doujinshi scanlations the rules from manga are applied here as well, in the matter of use your own scans (RAW version). That means send the original scanners a message to ask permission in using their scans.

Done reading everything? Then, proceed here for the next step!
Also add this ≧◠◡◠≦✌ to your post so we'll know you have read our rules,
and state that you abide by them! Write Cheese as subject of your post.

Okay final decision regarding the sharing issue...

Hello! After more then 3 hours trying to get something from the person in question and talking with friends and members about their opinion I came to a conclusion BA needs a new revolution and I will ask some people around to help me in this matter.
For now ALL DOWNLOAD LINKS *using our server* ARE DOWN no one can download releases till this matter is down (means we will be able to download once we resolve this), as well we will continue to membership closed and other stuff. I still need to discuss this matter better with a person who will help me in the membership and so on but I need to say we will go, maybe, all over the membership think like moi_xryu did in September. But like I said I'm not sure yet about this and I don't know exactly if it will go or not.
Also the forum will be closed down, I don't see a point to have a forum and so on, I know me and megori had a HUGE time dealing with it but the forum will be down, I know those who were there and so on were having fun but I cannot have this go on with a lot of places where releases can be leaked easily.
More news will be posted in tumblr because I don't want to spam the community. I hope this will be understandable to everyone and I'm sorry for those who just joined BA and can't do a think now. I hope you won't hate us but if this don't work I won't give a damn thing about this anymore.


*click in image to see it full size*
Hello, I want to tell everyone this time I'm dead serious I'm seriously tired of this and I don't have the guts to star a new war with her all over again, I'm not in mental condition for it and my life is already a chaos as it's. So I want to let members know that now we will close membership (although the post wasn't made by me I won't accept/answer no more requests posts till I did by today (all requests were answered so far January 8th was the last request)).
So I want all members to know what will happen to BangAQUA I want as well to all REBLOG or RE-TWEET so members know forehand what may happen. Thanks a lot and if you think I'm acting like a child well I'm sorry but I'm tired of his crap. It's hard to enter/be a member of BangAQUA it's because their are people who doesn't follow our rules, because so fair I made all people who can join have all the fun (and here I was thinking in a new change in BangAQUA (remove the restriction of members who create a late lj account before 17th June 2011)).
This is all for today's announcement.

BangAQUA makes her comeback!

Hello to everyone who hasn't seen me in... *counts* ...I have no idea!

We'd just like to let you all know that we are now re-opening the community (but please be patient as I re-open the "comment to join" post). [info]xhokahokax and I, mainly Hoka, though, have been working like hell to be able to re-open the BangAQUA livejournal community this Sunday, but guess what? We managed to clean up and finish early, and hence, we're also re-opening early.

...Should I say? Or should I just leave it as a surprise...?

Pfft! I'll just get to the point since the people who have been following [info]aqua_news already know. Hoka has prepared releases for our re-opening! So expect some coming on Sunday. They aren't much, but they're better than nothing, even after all those problems we've faced. But we made it, boys(?) and girls! So look forward to those~

Some many have also noticed the changes made to the BangAQUA community. Most changes are evident, but there are some where you'll have to read.

First, we'll mention the most obvious updates:


- You can now go back and forth between our entries via our footer, instead of always scrolling down. It'll follow you like a bug, no, a curse.
- Quick access to our list of ongoing, future, and completed projects are available on our side bar. Just click on the banners and they'll lead you directly to them.
- Eh? Did the "donators list" get smaller? Yes. Yes, indeed, it has. We've bought many more goods that we intend to share with our members, so look forward to those!
- Buttons, buttons and more buttons! We're becoming more artsy, haha. You can now find buttons that will direct you to our sales pages and our facebook.
- Our releases are, once again, available! They're all password protected now, not the ZIP, mind you, just the download links. But once you've become an accepted member of BangAQUA, the passwords will be available to you along with the releases. All releases have different passwords, so pay attention to those! (And why do I have a feeling some people are going to PM me about those passwords not working?)

We wanted to make many more changes, but sadly LJ doesn't support the codes, so we scrapped that idea.


- We now have a footer in the forum, too. It's different to our LJ footer, though, but hopefully it'll make navigation easier on the forum.
- The Downloads section has been changed with the single MEDIAFIRE download links, along with each releases' passwords. We lost some of our releases, though, so certain projects may not have a download link.
- Members on the forum must have a post count of 50 posts to be able to access the Downloads section, and only members with 200+ posts may PM HokaHoka for the download link for the protected releases. Donators can ignore the post count rule and just PM HokaHoka.
- As the forum requires a certain amount of post count to be able to access our download links, where as the community is just being a member, forum membership validation will be instant and approved by the admins immediately. (Well, immediately after we see it anyway.)
- The Official Rules and Announcentments has also been modified...a little, but we'd like our members to read them again and ingrain it into their brains. Much love to you all.


- Our IRC channel has remained the same, but the password has changed. There are four parts to the password, join those together in the order of top to bottom, left to right, that you found them in, and then tadah~ You get the password. Please note that we don't support individuals e-mailing or PMing us for hints in regards to the password. Contacting us for help to get into our IRC, however, is a different matter altogether that we'd be happy to reply to.
- As usual, our protected releases can be found on IRC. The protected releases are the projects which the mangaka/doujinshika does not wish to be shared publicly.


[info]fuwacchi will be handling the membership requests. Please be patient when waiting for your membership to be approved. I, too, am human and cannot be online 24/7. (I need my sleep and those that know me, knows I love my sleep.)
- Everyone who wishes to join BangAQUA must answer five questions! Two personal questions and three questions in regards to BangAQUA. More information on this matter can be found on our "comment to join" post (once I re-open it). Don't want to answer personal questions? Well, I ask you to reconsider joining us.
- All comments will be screened, so our members won't need to worry about other people seeing their personal details. I assure you that it will remain private towards only our staffs, and I mean only our staffs.
All comments that do not include the answers to the five questions will be ignored.
- All members who have been banned are going to be given a second chance to join us. However, those members (we have a list) will need be directed to [info]xhokahokax and will need to answer more questions average member...?
- Our community shall remain closed membership as...we've been spammed with membership requests when we were on moderated membership. So once you answer all of our questions, I will send you a membership invitation. Please be aware that invitations will only remain valid for 30 days and if it isn't replied to (as in accepted or rejected) within those 30 days, then the invitation will not work.


...I think that's all? And please wait another hour or so while I have my lunch and then post up a new "comment to join" post, pfft! Yes, patience is the key here. :D

O'hey, this post turned out pretty long again. Oh I've missed you, long posts.
Aya Sakyo

It's official I receive like 100 mails all days O.o

Ok this time it's me and not fuwacchi!

Yes, I do know you guys like her long comments and so, but what can I say?! I want to be on the main roll as well. xD Anyway this new announcement is more like a warning and a tid bit of  information as well! So please, please, read this or else I will ignore the e-mails and so that I get! 

As you all already know, the community is already closed to members and only can be invited by  fuwacchi or me! So no problem with that. xD
But we, specially me, are receiving mails to get the IRC password and a HUGE amount! And it's for getting hints and everything! But well, I'm sorry, guys. I came here to say NO MORE MAILS asking for HINTS! I already received,  from yesterday  to today, around 30 mails asking for it and it's quite depressing getting so many mails asking for all the same stuff! So please don't send any more mails, not to me or to BangAQUA, asking for hints! If you have doubts in how to enter or you aren't sure what the password is, then it's another thing! But don't ask for hints! Your e-mail will be ignored and won't have be answered! As for those who aren't 100% sure on how to use IRC or even those that are totally newbies, please don't ask me about that as well and wait for the manual/tutorial that I'm making! Yes, I'm making it but it will take some time since I do have a life as well...sigh!
Now, another important notice! Those that ask why  were we "kicked out" or can't post in BangAQUA? It's because you are banned! Why?! Well, it's because you are a member of those two communities that we hate so much! You were already warned about it! But if you are regretful about your actions and want to be back in BangAQUA, you will need to remove those communities and send a PM to me or fuwacchi! I know those banned members won't be able to read this,  but if you, who can read it, knows someone in this situation...please warn them! And this is a warning to those who wants to be a member! Since you will, for all weeks, check your profile! Be sure to be a good member!

Have a nice day readers!


Tired of my face yet?

Ahaha... Sorry, but yes, you all have to deal with me as your announcer once again. /brick'd

Anyway, an update about our dear community. BangAQUA has now become closed membership and will remain so until its 4th anniversary. On June 17, we will open up membership again. However, it will officially be a moderated membership community. This means that all new members must be approved by one of the maintainers of BangAQUA.

Also, all entries have been members-locked. The only posts that aren't are certain announcement posts and the BangAQUA birthday and anniversary posts.

We hope to better our community for our members, so let's do our best to keep the recent matter clean and simple.

Well then, look forward to BangAQUA's 4th anniversary on the 17th! And hopefully you won't have to see me until then.
Aya Sakyo

16th announcement

( ̄┏∞┓ ̄)/ Hello!

This time it isn't a release but yes another announcement *trough if I do have enough time to finish a Qced project I will post it today!*
Anyway I'm here to tell to all members the new updates and so you guys can know what we are making! so here I'm to tell you that we will have even more joint projects yay (more work -_-||||)
So the joint projects with be with: butterfliesscan and the titles are:So we will try make the best as we can! Let's try make it as fast as we can, I mean! Also the first one we will work is Bakuman - Topical Dating. We will make the clean and so on, and they will make the translation and main proofread! Now another big news!!! The Sengoku Basara doujinshis that we are making with moi_xryu already came to my house and I already started to scans them. One that is already scanned and will be uploaded soon in aqua_donator is "Blue Summer Fish". The next one that I'm scanning is the first volume of Kakyou series! Since we already have the translation from the chinese scans. So we are at the moment RECRUITING JAPANESE-ENGLISH PROOFREADERS so if you can make this please allow me or moi-xryu know! So let's wait for the best to come!
Also if someone knows where we can buy/download the volume 04 of this series please communicate it to us! those that think I'm not uploading the older releases/ no longer available links well we are all wrong! Since it's so many releases and in total 6 host links it's taking me a lot of time so I do hope you guys can understand. I'll post here the list of those that I'm already done and if you want to consult the future series uploaded please come to aqua_news.

Collapse ) Also the first chapter of the Unlucky Strike, a joint project with spicyscans is already available to download at aqua_donator.

Also I do think it's all, I know I do used a lot of emoticon this time but I'm so happy I can die xD. So everyone let's work hard ok!
Collapse )