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18 March 2014 @ 08:50 am
Hello! I want to let everyone know that this LJ won't have no more updates and all the releases and new releases will be updated in this site WWW.BANGAQUA.COM and all for FREE.
Thanks for everyone who was here.

Note: All the previous member were deleted and no need to request for membership.
16 January 2014 @ 06:34 am
Okay another announcement all must read. Those who were dead over what I did, and made a bunch of shit about the new membership and I went to all over the pain to get the stuff and so on... now seriously I thought like 3x times and even more and everything and what I decided is....I will go back to origins and I will follow MxR steps and I will kicks those asses who think I don't have more nothing to do aside from listen to some complains and everything.
Will BA be over this? yes this time for sure because as MxR did BA will be now a FREE ALL releases...muuuaaahhhh.
I don't care anymore about the stuff anymore. BA will continue to have watermarks over our releases as well the credits and other stuff we normally do so members know it's BA work and solo ours. I'll ask like always to those who can support the mangaka by buying their work and to never fall back.
Of course the re-share will be a bit out and some stuff will continue (rules) but aside that everyone who wants and loves to read yaoi manga and doujinshis will be able to read it.
I don't care anymore, until we get a letter to stop some title or so I will continue to work for BA and you dear readers.
This announcement may come a shock after a short notice and everything but now seriously I'm dead sick or it, I started BA so I could read a manga I loved and then I shared with everyone so they could have the same fun as me. And like some other scanlation groups I will love as long as all inserts and everything stays in our releases.
I want all the spotlight to come to us and it will come to us as long as you can give us feedback.

In summary this LJ will now be close. No more updates will be posted here but I will leave this place open so no one will forget our history. Since this LJ was created since 2007, good comments were posted here and everything and I'll miss them if I delete this community so as long as I can I'll let this community open.

More information related to this, we will move to bangaqua.com, although as some may notice we are having some problems into it so it will take some time to fix it, megori will soon work on it, but when it will be finished? No clue.

And more information will be posted here.
Thanks and I'm really sorry I made all members go under the membership stuff and even make nekojiro work her ass off like this for the past few days.

NOTE: Protected releases will continue protected also IRC will continue to exist for that propose as well our community aqua_donator
11 January 2014 @ 10:13 pm
Frequently Asked Questions
► How do I get to your releases? – You can access our releases either through the project pages, the release date, tags, search option, or by type of book. All our projects are closed to members. All the links to access each release is listed to re-direct you to the right place. The passwords are listed below the download link, so if you ask something related to this your questions will not be answered.
NOTE: Each release has a different password, so that means you need to read each single post.
Why did BangAQUA turned to be a close scanlation group? - Due to a lot of past experiences that made BA close. But mostly to share our releases with no credits as well with no permission from our team. So for BA to continue working and not cease the activity we needed to act with our last resource.
I just saw in a release it says “protected”. What does it mean? – Works that the are published by companies that don't want to see the works shared and as well Mangaka's work that asked to not share their releases. Also means only some members will be able to get the release. And if you want to know how you can get it there are 3 ways. You can go to our forum and make 200 posts, donate any amount to us or enter in your IRC channel.
► What is BangAQUA channel?#BangAQUA@irc.rizon.net
► I tried to enter but I enter in a channel owned by me, what happened? – BangAQUA IRC channel is used for post the last 3 releases, be it normal or “protected” releases. Only members who were able to find the password can enter the channel and have access to it! Note, the “protected” release in IRC will be able to download only for a limit time of 30 days or so, though it can be more or less days. So be sure once it’s out you go there to get it. Though it won’t be available at the same time as we release in forum or community.
► Where can I find the password to enter in IRC channel? – On LJ community profile. It’s a join of 4 words; each word can have as well numbers. Hint for the words search: they can be misspelled or the way it is written is different from the originally way. Note: there are some misspelled words to difficult your work even more.
► Ok I can’t find it please give me a hint/help? – Sorry no help! Also don’t e-mail me thinking I will give a hint. All you can do is e-mail me requesting to tell you if you are in the right path. Like adding the words you think they are. Aside that no e-mails. I won’t read them or even answer them.
► HELP! I don’t understand a thing of IRC. How do I do it? – OK if you want to know how to enter and register your nick please and so on please use google for tutorials.
► Can I share BangAQUA releases? – Information here
► Its ok for re-Translate BA releases? – Information here
► Why are the releases slow? – Well we are people and we like to procrastinate a lot so we do take our time. Also there are moments we run low in staff and so releases are slow. So I hope you can understand and wait for it to come as soon as possible even if a year as passed.
► Can I suggest a manga/doujinshi title? – Yes of course you can, but if we can work on it that is another question. We can try finding translator or so for it but it doesn’t mean we will really work on it since we already have a bunch of series&fandoms to work. But be my guest =D.
► Why BangAQUA works in more and more new titles and don’t finish what it’s already in list? – We work because we like to have new work even though we don’t finish the others yes I know. Though since we get translators for those new works we hope they can make it to the end… but then some give up and I try my best to other members work on it, but since its fans for fans I can’t really obligate them, right? So please I hope all members can understand and don’t be to mad. I could drop it, but I don’t like to give up on titles I think they won’t be worded in the end.
► Why working in a title that is being made? – Ok I do know some members/readers always ask why we work in manga that is already being scanlated and sometimes it’s almost complete. Well I’m a perfectionist and like I said I hate to give up on something I like. Also BA likes to work with High Quality scans and we buy the manga, all that to give our readers a good time with good quality. I want all the hard work to be compensated with quality and not just a fast scanlation (though we don’t want to badmouth the other teams.
► I would like to join the staff but I’m not sure if I’m skilled? – That’s ok don’t worry about it you can contact us and then we will let you know if you can or not work for us =D. And you can talk with directly to HokaHoka xP. Just contact us using one of these e-mail addresses: hhokahoka@gmail.com or BangAQUA@gmail.com.
► Can we do a joint with BangAQUA? – We will be more than happy to have another scanlation group working with us, since we like to know new people and staff members (giggle). All we ask if for you to contact us with the project you have in mind and then we can discuss about who will make what.
► I would like to contribute to BangAQUA some graphic(s), can I? – Of course you can, actually I will like to see new graphics since I think HokaHoka ones are so outdated (oops…).
► My question isn’t stated here what do I do? – Just comment here or send an e-mail to BangAQUA@gmail.com.
Thanks to all I hope you got a good time reading it xDDDD.
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