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11 January 2014 @ 06:42 pm
About Us & Community Rules  
About BA
BangAQUA is a well-known scanlation group that both works with doujinshi and manga. The group was started by xhokahokax on 2007, June 17th and it was all because the owner wanted to read more from a manga she loved a lot but was sadly discontinued. Because that manga wasn't enough, she took a liking at what she previously did and had decided to do more and share them with those who share the same sentiments as her.
Even though we are currently going through some difficult times, we are trying to make the best out of it to bring you releases which we think are worth our time and despite working without the consent of the original artists and vice versa, we would like our members to follow our small but important rules so that everyone can benefit from our work and space.
Like all scanlation groups, we scanlate even with our busy real life schedules and for the sole purpose of sharing the love of BL to our fellow fujoshis and fudanshis who cannot afford to buy the actual books or cannot understand the language; we work on other genres like shounen or shoujo too but not as much as our BL amount. If you paid to download one of our releases on some blog, it is not our responsibility, since we are a free scanlation group. Also we do not get paid from doing this; this is a hobby which we all enjoy in doing. We do appreciate the generous contributions our supporters give us to present everyone with more stuff to read, though, so thank you very much!

For more inquiries about us and our projects, please check our FAQ. Feel free to ask us anything if the question is not listed from there.

Community and Group Rules
I want members to know that we have 3 types of releases.
✾ 1st our releases are all members blocked so that means only livejournal members has access to it. If you want to be a member please proceed to here.
✾ 2nd some releases you will see protected are because they are from artists/publishers who doesn't want to share the work freely as our other releases. So only some people as access to it. At the moment there are only 2 ways to get the protected releases. One is for you to donate to our scanlation group and be a serious member. The other possible way is to get the hidden password in our profile for our IRC channel.
✾ 3rd type is total free releases that will be able in our online reader although we will continue to provide a download link for those who wants to read it of course and like all others with a password as well.

Now more information I would like members to abide:
❀ The free eleases are free to be shared outside community as long as you ask permission to share. You can upload in your own server/host although you CANNOT by any means remove our credits or anything into the release folder (our inserts intact always); also you must link to this blog. If you want to share any other release please allow me to know first what are the titles in question and I will evaluate if you can or not.
❀ Doujinshi scanlations are not allowed to be re-shared outside the community. Only the admin can share them outside, and like I said if you want to share you must request first.
Do not upload any of our manga to any place that means manga reader sites, your host/site server, youtube and so on.
❀ If you want to make icons or use any of our scans to color please ask the scanner who made the work, so you must check the credits page. If you can't contact the person in question allow us to know so we can provide you a way to chat with.
Do not be rule, aggressive or mess with our moderators, staff members and BA if you want to get on get in our blacklist. So far we never had problem with solo members who try to be a member, but the re-share situation is getting into my skin so let's make this fair and square?
❀ Simple rules don't you think? All I want is BangAQUA to have the spotlight and all the profit from our hard work, I know it's selfish and members may think it's hard to get in our community but I think with this changes future members will have a bit more of slack, although I want a tight security too.

Retranslation Rules
Any scanlation groups are free to use our English translation. If you would like to re-translate any our projects, all you need to let us know is that you will be working on it, please read the following before asking us anything:

➥ Always add our original credits page so people can find us and will know who made it.
➥ We will not provide you the .psds, so don't bother requesting that from us.
➥ Do not ask permission for projects we have not released yet in public.
➥ If you would like to use our own scans (RAW), send us an email about it.
➥ For the joint projects, you are allowed as long as the other groups say their okay.

For Manga
We only permit one language group per title. If a title you also wanted to work on has already been taken, try to make a joint with the groups who are doing it. For the list of groups doing what title, please check here.
➥  You are not allowed to edit nor alter our scanlations and make them as your own. Meaning, use your own scans --- find raws in the internet, buy the actual book or ask us if you want to use ours. We have a watermark in all our own releases if we find you using it I'll be sure to post what you have done and ban you from take our releases.
➥ Send us an email at bangaqua@gmail.com with the following information attached:

....................Scanlation group name:
....................Link to your group:
....................Project(s) you want to re-translate:
...................To what language:

For Doujinshi
➥ You are free to work on any of our doujinshi scanlations the rules from manga are applied here as well, in the matter of use your own scans (RAW version). That means send the original scanners a message to ask permission in using their scans.

Done reading everything? Then, proceed here for the next step!
Also add this ≧◠◡◠≦✌ to your post so we'll know you have read our rules,
and state that you abide by them! Write Cheese as subject of your post.
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