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BaNgAqua is a well-known scanlation group that both works with doujinshi and manga. The group was started by xhokahokax on 2007, June 17th and it was all because the owner wanted to read more from a manga she loved a lot but was sadly discontinued. Because that manga wasn't enough, she took a liking at what she previously did and had decided to do more and share them with those who share the same sentiments as her.
For more inquiries about us and our projects, please check our FAQ. Feel free to ask us anything if the question is not listed from there.

Community is now CLOSED MEMBERSHIP.
If you want to join the community and get access to our releases, follow these four simple steps:

1st. Read everything in the rules page,
2nd. Leave a comment here with the requirements,
3rd. Be nice while doing it and,
4th. Wait for an invitation to join the community.
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We appreciate any support to BangAQUA. Funds received will be used in buying raws and to pay for website hosting.
You can also help us out by: joining our team or offering your scans.

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